The Man Tour
The Man Tour

Free Trip Offer

We will give you a FREE trip!

We have several programs that are so unique that you won't believe it!!!!!


Free trip for organizing a group.

If you ORGANIZE a group of just five of your friends, yes that's just 5 people, we will comp the cost of your trip AND give you special perks.


Free trip for referring people to us.

If you just want to refer one person at a time we will give you $150.00 cash for each referral or will apply $200.00 on your account towards your trip with us.


Our referral programs work quite simply. If you know you will be taking advantage of one of these programs, you call us to get your referral number. Each person you tell about us, you must give him your code number so when we ask him how he heard about us, he will give YOUR # and we will credit your account accordingly.


Please see the rest of our web site, especially the FAQ's.
If you have any questions just call me or my staff at 800-568-7566.

To book a tour or ask a question, call us at: 800-256-6095